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Schraeder Flue Gas filters for biomass boilers and stoves

An increasing amount of biomass boilers are falling foul of the OFGEM testing criteria for RHI accreditation. Simply Biomass have sourced a range of high efficiency filter options to bring your installations back within the emission guidelines of 30g/GJ Our innovative technology from Schraeder,  uses electrostatic electricity to precipitate out fine particulates with up to […]

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The all new BMC Moisture Meter

Simply Biomass are please to introduce the new woodchip moisture meter from Schaller GmbH. The BMC is especially suited to self producers, supplier and operators of biomass heating plants Measurement within seconds without prior treatment of samples Quality control and documentation on site Simple operation Optional USB interface with internal rechargeable batteries professional testing at […]

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High temperature heat pumps

Do you have a business and struggling to heat it with fossil fuels? Look no longer, with our high temperature heat pumps from Ochsner Energie Technik GmbH. we have the perfect solution, with flows of 82oC and capacities from 30 to 130kW (cascades up to 390kW) you can now heat your premises with a compact […]

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New heat pumps and chillers from Thermocold

Simply Cooler are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Thermocold Italy. As part of the Ingersoll Rand group of companies Thermocold offer an unrivalled selection of class leading heat pumps and chillers. Their all new multipipe systems offer a viable alternative to traditional VRV/VRF Systems with a greatly reduced refrigerant charge. QUATTRO PROZONE, multipipe […]

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Upgrade for Gizex Boilers

We are pleased to announce our Gizex range of boilers have received a fantastic new controls upgrade. The boilers now come with a new control panel offering: 7-inch programmable PLC (PLC) for visualization of boiler parameters Inverter control of furnace fans Inverter control of exhaust gas Control of  buffer charging pump control of boiler shunt […]

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our customers and friends. We wish you a happy and prosperous year ahead. Look out for our new products this year. We have the updated range of Gizex Biopal boilers with upgraded controls, complete with touch screen controller and graphics. The boilers can now also be equipped with lambda sensors […]

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