Biomass for heating and cooling.

From 20th September 2017, the RHI will be changing dramatically with the alignment of non-domestic biomass tariff (tier 1: 2.96p/kWth, tier 2: 2.08p/kWth) and changes of load factor from 15% (1314hrs) to 35%.(3066 hrs)

A Nolting biomass boiler or a suitable waste heat stream 65 degrees to 95 degrees coupled to one of our BryAir adsorption chillers make the perfect combination,

Providing  cooling down to 7 degrees centigrade for  summer operation for air conditioning , crop cooling and storage etc. and 90 degree heating for the winter, whilst crucially using your biomass boiler for year round operation.

Ideal for farming or horticultural business users, especially garden centres who historically suffer from extreme summer overheating.

Our chillers can be retrofitted to any biomass system however large or small.

Take a look at our products or give us a call, we are always happy to assist.



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