GRASO straw boiler

Graso straw boiler from Simply Biomass and now available throughout the UK.

Graso, established in Poland 10 years ago, manufacture a broad range of high efficiency bale boilers.

Built to last, durable and compact these boilers are suited to many applications where straw or non-woody biomass is readily available.

With the added benefit of RHI compliance, the boilers can be a cost-effective benefit to any agricultural business, where straw or non-woody biomass fuel feedstock is readily available.


With an comprehensive  range of sizes the Graso boiler caters for almost any agricultural, commercial or large domestic rural application.

A wide range from 25kW to 2.5MW  available and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

The Graso Polish Heavy Duty Bale Boilers are a real work-horse and are designed to burn the following forms of biomass:

For non-wood derived biomass
Fuel from EN1496I-7:20I2

Straw to EN1496I
2.I.7 All parts of cereal plant
2.7.2 Grass any part of grass plant for example hay or miscanthus
2.L.3.2 Oil seed crops stalks and leaves for example rape straw
2.I.4.2 Root crops – Stalks and leaves
2.L.5.2 Legumes crop – Stalks and leaves for example bean straw

Ideal for the Farming market, Nurseries and cereal crop producers who require heat. Fantastic for producers of any baled crop residues or baled non-woody arablewaste; hay, straw, miscanthus, crop stalks and leaves.

This waste stream can now be effficiently converted into usable heat for the home or other processes on site, such as washdown, shed heating, poultry.

These products are one of the first bale biomass boilers to be registered under RHI and attract payments accordingly.


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