Humimeter Moisture Meters

Reduce your energy costs with an efficient use of biomass.

With humimeter biomass moisture meters, you are able to determine the water content of biomass quickly and reliably.



humimeter BMA

Professional moisture meter for determining the water content of biomass
with optional display of bulk density and bone dry weight (tons/m³)
For suppliers and operators of biomass heating plants, for measuring wood chips, barks, wooden pellets, elephant grass, wood shavings, sawdust and maize cobs.

• Measuring range 5% to 70% water content,
• Resolution: 0.1% water content
• Calibration accuracy to reference material: +/- 1.0%
• Infrared sample temperature measurement
• Large, well-lit LC display

Your benefits:

• High measuring range up to 70% water content (dependent
on the material)
Bulk density compensation by integrated scale
• Menu languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish,
Russian and many others on request

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