All new Teplobak, Accumulator and Buffer tanks

We are please to announce our new partnership with Ukrainian  accumulator company Teplobak.

Teplobak offer some unique products, like their all new powder vacuum insulated Accumulator, that can be installed outside with no detrimental effect on water temperature.

This unique heat accumulator the VTA/V-1 consists of two tanks with different dimensions, the smaller one is located inside of the other.

The model is made of black steel and technically looks like a double-walled Dewar flask with powder-vacuum insulated space in between the walls.

With a thermal conductivity=0.007-0.01 Wt/m*K. allowing for further significant potential energy savings in your installations.

Product dimensions start from 2000 liter with all other dimensions made to customers specification.

Compared to to the classical models,  VTA/V-1 guarantees significantly better thermal storage due to minimal heat losses. The illustration in the data sheet below shows the thermal conductivity of the powder-vacuum isolation (PVI) in comparison with mineral wool and polyurethane foam.

PVI replaces up to 100 cm traditional polyurethane insulation. The thermal conductivity of PVI is in the range of 0,007 – 0,01 W/m•K, whereas the thermal conductivity of mineral wool – 0,06 W/m•K, and polyurethane foam 0,04W/m•K.

Despite the innovative insulation jacket, this heat accumulator with powder – vacuum insulation will occupy about the same space as a traditional model.



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