Ochsner Heat Pumps from SIMPLY HEAT PUMPS

SIMPLY HEAT PUMPS is soon to launch with the Ochsner Heat pump range.


We can offer the complete range from 5kW to 1MW.

Ochsner are the premium brand of heat pumps, optimised for the European climate.

Energy-saving, cost-effective, sustainable and with a guaranteed future, backed by the RHI at attractive rates

OCHSNER heat pumps offer critical advantages for heating, cooling and hot water heating.

Simple and easy to use products, with class leading efficiencies.
The heat pump uses ambient heat which is stored in the air, water and ground – natural heat sources.

Heat pump picture


Much of this environmental energy comes from the sun, but heat also comes from deep within the ground or via water sources, like ponds, rivers or bore holes.

These renewable energies are heated from a low to a higher temperature level by means of sophisticated technology, making them suitable for heating purposes.

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