Ochsner Heat Pumps for every application

Ochsner Heat Pumps offer great energy-savings, cost savings and sustainable benefits, whilst  heating your space. Taking renewable energy from natural sources including air, ground water and soil, they efficiently release it into the heating circuit. Heat pumps can also provide hot water heating.

Our expert team can help advise on the best system for your environment. Looking at the available heat sources, we can assess which has the highest energy efficiency ratio and provide a top quality heat pump which is guaranteed to last whilst lowering your heating costs.

Heat pumps can be specifically designed and installed to suit anywhere from small homes, housing estates, offices, warehouses, to commercial and public buildings.

Our extensive range of heat pumps can be used with  any type of heating circuit, including:

• Underfloor and/or wall heating
• Radiators (flow temperature up to 65°C)
• Other heat distribution systems such as convection heaters

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