Ocshner Heat Pump for Mill

Simply Biomass have sold an 28kW open water source heat pump for an innovative project in Winchester.

The Heat pump will provide heating for a picturesque office accommodation based alongside the river Itchen.

This exciting project brings together two renewable technologies, Hydro electricity, from a revamped water turbine and an heat pump, both working in tandem to provide electricity and heating to the offices.

This solution offers the customer two incentives, Fit tariff for the turbine and RHI for the heat pump, therefore providing exceptional payback times and superb efficiencies.

The heat pump utilises water from the river, to pump through an open plate heat exchanger, this water gives up its heat to the heat pump and is utilised in a 1000ltr buffer supplied by Enerpipe specifically for the project.

The system is due to be commissioned in early September 2015.

The system will be full monitored and we will update you regularly on the performance of the system.

Shawford Mill


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