Must Have Accessories

A complete range of high quality system manifold and accessories from MBI, German products made to exacting standards at a highly competitive price, with a full range of mounting accessories to complete the range. Custom manifolds can made to order any size and any capacity all made to the highest standards, please contact us for a design guide.
Boiler safety groups and expansion vessel connection units provide exceptional protection for your boiler system, made from high quality components for durability and reliable operation.

Fabricated Products
A range of exceptionally well made products from Stainless steel. Extensively more resistant to oxidation by water and biocides, therefore NO contribution to sludge and aeration.
Increased oxygen through aeration causes carbon steel to corrode, however stainless steel will NOT corrode.
Smooth stainless surfaces offer low adhesion of deposits and therefore sludge and magnetite is easily
washed and removed 100%.
Stainless is inert in water offering better quality water resulting in minimal bacterial slime, low energy
consumption and low cleaning costs

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