Boiler Anti Condensation Kit for 220kW to 1000Kw Boilers Twin Pump Option

£4,979.00£8,639.00 (excl. VAT)


Product Description

Back flow set with 3-way motor mixing valve including double-pump

Product Range
Prices in bold – £
Stratos D 40/1-12 High efficient pump, 220kW, DN50 Valve – Back flow set 5029.00
Stratos D 50/1-12 High efficient pump, 250-300kW, DN65 Valve – Back flow set 4979.00
Stratos D 65/1-12 High efficient pump, 350-400kW, DN80 Valve – Back flow set 7980.00
Stratos D 80/1-12 High efficient pump, 600kW, DN100 Valve – Back flow set 8639.00
DL 100/160-2, 2/4 pump, 800kW, DN125 Valve – Back flow set 7520.00
DL 100/160-2, 2/4 pump, 1000kW, DN150 Valve – Back flow set 7940.00

Additional Information

Power Output

1000kW, 220kW, 250-300kW, 350-400kW, 600kW, 800kW

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