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Gizex – Straw Boilers – biomass fuelled bale boilers

Product Description

RHI approved  boilers available to the UK to burn Straw, wood, hay, reed and rush, waste products of farming and crop production,  the boilers are very efficient and have all the necessary certificates required for RHI registration and comply with the flue gas emission standards.

The boilers are certified for the following For non -wood derived biomass:

Straw to EN14961
Wood, Hay, Reed & Rushes from wetland harvesting.

The Biopal-M range of boilers boilers can take either circular bales or cube forms and are available within the following power ranges:


The larger range of boilers (from 100kW up) can now be equipped with optional ash removal systems into remote ash hoppers, soon to be released Gizex have developed an optional lower cost automatic bale feed system and automatic feed systems, to bring these superb boilers right into the 21st century.

These boilers are equipped with two combustion chambers, the lower chamber for loading the bales. once the bales have been ignited, this lower chamber is where the gasification process takes place (primary combustion).

The second chamber is the main secondary combustion chamber, the secondary combustion of the gases occurs here with the usable heat transferred to the water jacket.

A primary fan forces the air into the boiler which is separated into two streams – primary and secondary. Primary flow is directed into the chamber where the straw is lit and secondary air into the secondary chamber as required.

All the boilers are equipped with a bespoke system control, which measures the temperature of the combustion and accurately regulates the flow of fresh air required for complete combustion.

The Gizex range of boilers are ideal for the agricultural market, nurseries and for wetland maintenance companies, they offer farmers and other crop producers a method of burning their waste streams to produce usable heat and gain entry on to RHI.

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