pewoV-max Local and District Heating Station

£1,808.13£2,299.44 (excl. VAT)


Product Description

Modular heating substation with PEWO Sandwich Technology up to 200 kW

Space-saving heating substation with superior insulation

  • Substation pewoV-max is designed to replace central gas boilers
  • transfer capacity up to 200 kW, nominal pressure PN16 or PN25
  • 3 heating circuits (max.)
  • 1 domestic hot water heating (max.)
The heating substation pewoV-max is the connecting link between district or local heating system and consumer’s installation. The heating substation is designed to replace central gas boilers. The heating substation is separated from the heating system by a plate heat exchanger. A heating circuit manifold is integrated as standard. All connections are located both on upper and lower side. Circuits for heating or domestic hot water heating can be connected to the heating substation pewoV-max. An existing heating installation can be linked as well.

pewo bropewoV-max V25 L1 Parts List

Additional Information

Power Output

25kW, 40kW, 60kW

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