Tempest Stainless Steel Cylinder – Heat Pump

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With developers using more renewable energy sources than ever before, the Tempest Heat Pump is now available to be used with Air/Ground source heat pumps. This version is available in single coil where Heat Pump is the only heat source and Twin Coil where solar or a boiler is also available.

As with all ranges of our Tempest we are so confident in the construction that we have given the Tempest Heat Pump a lifetime warranty.

Our standard Heat Pump coil has a surface area of 3.3m2, as a result the smallest tank we can offer is a 200litre. Smaller capacity cylinders are available where a lower surface area coil can be used.

– Easy to install
– Pressure test to 15 bar
– 3 bar working pressure
– Flow rate up to 55ltrs/min
– Indirect and Twin Coil versions
– Stylish appearance
– Lifetime guarantee

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