Robusta from System Kurri Passes RHI Testing


The Robusta from System Kurri has successfully passed RHI emissions testing and is now available fully RHI and Emissions compliant up to 398kW, for use with woodchip and woodwaste products (sawdust and shavings). The Robusta from System Kurri comes with an outstanding 15 year conditional warranty.

The Robusta has successfully been tested under the strict emission and particulate emission requirements as required under the latest amendments to the RHI. The Robusta completed the tests with excellent results ensuring that the boilers can now be sold within the UK under the RHI rules.

The owner  of the installation, Mr Alec Golesworthy of premium oak timber suppliers Timberpride in Tetbury, Wiltshire, was particularly impressed with the product and installation, ultimately resulting in RHI payments for the next 20 years.


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