Simply Cooler….. Adsorption Cooling Systems

Ever wondered how you could utilise the waste heat from your CHP, Solar thermal plants, industrial process applications or from agriculture, indeed for that matter waste heat from any source!

Do you have a cooling requirement? for say  showroom air conditioning, plastic moulding plant cooling coils, office, bakery ?

Do you waste heat and spend a fortune on cooling?

Then look no further!

Our new range of Adsorption coolers can be used for just about any application, with no volatile or ozone depleting substances, using simply pure water, the most environmentally safe refrigerant on the planet.

The application of this technology will not only give massive monetary savings, but also afford you efficient and environmentally compatible cooling.

With power ratios of 10kW to 30kw and driving temperatures  as low as 65 degrees C and fully cascadable we can cover almost any application.

There are no actively moving parts, no need for inspection or routine maintenance, and efficiencies resulting in savings of up to 70% in electrical power consumption compared to conventional systems.

So put your waste heat to good use and give us a call.

We would be happy to discuss our products with you or provide you our latest product brochures.

Give us a call today.


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