Simply Cooler is launched, adsorption chillers and heat pumps for industrial & commercial applications

Simply Cooler

We are proud to announce the launch of our Simply Cooler brand.

Adsorption Chillers from Bry-air.

Ground breaking Adsorption Chiller from Bry-Air, providing energy efficient, environmentally friendly cooling from low grade waste heat/hot water.

These chillers can be connected to your biomass system or waste heat stream to provide chilled water at 7 degrees C for air conditioning, process applications, tri generation etc.

They are ideal for all year round utilisation of your biomass system, maximising your RHI returns whilst providing that much needed cooling during the hot summer months.


Ochsner Heat Pumps.

We are also proud to introduce the Ochsner range of industrial and commercial heat pumps, with output temperatures up to 130 degrees C, these can be used for large commercial premises, process applications etc, to provide heating ,cooling or simultaneous heating and cooling.

Heat sources include ground, water and air source to cover every application.

We also provide adiabatic coolers, pumps and all the ancillary equipment you will need to complete your installation.

Take a look and realise the potential.


Bry-Air Adsorption Chiller                                                                    Ochsner Heat Pump

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